About me


Two passions are at the heart of my present scope of activity: the one for creating software and the one for Apple devices. As a programmer with 20 years' hands-on experience I have been through embedded systems and real-time programming, which has finely tuned me to the issues of program stability and performance. Apple devices, on the other hand, have over the years emerged as excellent platforms for fantastic programs.

It is my firm, deeply embedded belief that both quality and visual appeal matter. My passion for programming is the drive behind my work on the dedicated server applications, as most mobile apps require server system background. The background is based on JAVA web applications technology and reliable databases. Therefore, I have a broad vision of the entire system, but also a thorough knowledge of implementation details, which combined enable me to optimize the whole solution better. I consider it also worth mentioning that as I have been rendering programming services for a large, international cable TV provider company for the past 15 years, I have a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of billing systems. Apart from the obvious know-how in the field of billing systems and their interfaces, the experience  of working with "money" has taught me the highest level of accuracy and attention to every little detail.

When creating software, just like in other lines of work, overall product quality comes from applying the right tools, platforms and methods. A professional lifetime dedicated to programming, backed up by comprehensive technical education, and the constant readiness to develop and evolve has equipped me with experience which helps me to make the right choices concerning the above.

I have also a reliable and trustworthy team of other programmers and engineers, who assist me in larger and more complex projects, including my long-time colleague and project partner, Mariusz Bogacz PhD (Eng.).

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Maciej Czech MSc (Eng.), a graduate of Automatics and Robotics Department at The Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow (AGH, Kraków).