ReceiptBox update v.1.3.0

Apple has just approved the new version of Digital Receipt Box app. It has been currently tailored to accommodate your business trip receipts, making it super easy to keep track of all your expense for reimbursement. Even before you return, you can send your expense report for the sake of accounting and reimbursement.

New version features: 

- handy business trip functionality, including additional receipt description for third parties (e.g. your/ your company's accountant or your superior), business trip info, total amount spent, expense report can be sent to your accountancy department with one easy tap 

- receipt expiration date / product return period reminder 

- receipt / product / warranty photos can now be added from Dropbox or your telephone photo library 

- minor changes in general outlook 

- minor app improvements


ReceiptBox update v.1.2.0

A new version of ReceiptBox was released on January 17, 2014. The new features include slight changes in the general outlook, optimized receipt/invoice photo-saving time, three new language versions: French, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, but Dropbox cloud connection is by far the most significant enhancement.
It is possible now to export the information gathered in ReceiptBox, including the photos, to the user's account in Dropbox. This is particularly valuable for the sake of:

1. Backup, as if anything should go wrong with your iPhone, your information will stay intact and valid in the cloud, and as soon as you get your phone sorted out, you can import it back.
2. Migrating your data when changing to a new phone, where the above applies too.

Further improvements are on the way. Meanwhile, enjoy your shopping! :)

ReceiptBox update v.1.0.5


Today Apple released to the AppStore 1.0.5 version update of Receipt Box app. Probably the most visible change is app icon color change. There are some minor changes behind the scene as well. I improved photo taking process and fixed some translations.

Further changes on-the-way...

Enjoy shopping and "boxing your receipts" with ReceiptBox!

ReceiptBox update v.1.1.0

ReceiptBox update to version 1.1.0 has been released today. A new major functionality has been introduced, allowing to store purchase documents such as receipts and invoices as PDF files. Also, it is possible now to import any graphic file such as PNG or JPEG by email attachments. When you open your email on your smartphone, just choose the attachment and "Open in ReceiptBox" option will appear. The image or document file will then be imported into the app, where you can store it according to your choice.

New features coming soon!

Receipt Box in AppStore

I am pleased to announce that the first version of Receipt Box is now available on the AppStore. This is a kind of specialized photo album for receipts, invoices and warranty cards that contains additional functionality useful for collecting purchase and warranty documents.

Enjoy using receipt Box!