Version 1.10 Memo+

Starting today there is version 1.10 of Memo+ and Memo+ Lite available on the AppStore. Main changes are related to the full version of the app. We added question set data export feature with the option to send it via email to anyone who uses Memo+ as well. Question set that is received by email is automatically imported from mail to the app and saved in "IMPORT" group.

This is a convenient way to share question sets with another person, so they do not need to type questions and answers in themselves. Exported data does not cover individual learning results.

Version 1.10 brings also a fix for a bug which unfortunately appeared in the distribution version of Memo+ related to settings screen and server access. Since the problem appeared only in "distribution" version at the moment of application submit to the AppStore it was hard to be found out by us (we don't buy our own apps in AppStore ;-) ). Our thanks to Tomek from test team, who did it and discovered the problem.

Memo+ Lite available on the AppStore

Yesterday late evening Polish time Apple approved lite version of our app for learning and revising.. So Memo+ Lite can already be downloaded from the AppStore.

Memo+ available on the AppStore

We inform with pleasure that Memo+ was successfully verified and approved by Apple and its first version is available on the AppStore. This does not mean we will stop further app development. We have plans to introduce few more ideas into the app.

In the mean time we wish you success in memorizing with the current version!

Please share with us your comments or problems with the app: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Memo+ beta tests

For some time now we have been testing iOS Memo+ and Memo+ Lite and the server side of the system. For our future users' convenience we are trying to give due attention to each and every detail. The apps will shorty be available on App Store, which we will inform you about.

Memo+ will help you to learn

We have just started working on a new project to create a mobile app along with a web-based portal that will help you memorize any material you may need to remember. The idea is simple and well established: it would be good to have an app at hand, which could test you on a bus/train (or anywhere else for that matter) before an exam. It would be good to be able to receive this set of questions and answers from another person who has already entered it into his/her profile as this would prevent you from doing the same thing unnecessarily! In addition, let the application have the possibility to export the list of questions and answers as a clear PDF file that can be sent to any email address and printed out for traditional revising...

We are aiming to have it ready before Christmas :-)