Memo+ is an app for iPhone/iPad/iPoda Touch (for Android coming soon) which facilitates memorising large portions of:
  • test and exam material regardless of the subject and advancement level
  • vocabulary for foreign language learners, translators & interpreters
  • any material which requires memorizing, e.g. for various professional areas

Begin revising systematically and effectively today!

The material you need to memorise is ideally suited for your needs as you feed it into the program and edit it yourself, or you receive it from another user ( a friend, colleague, teacher/instructor). This can be done either via the smartphone app or the web app which makes it more convenient. While you have done that, you are free to to revise at your convenience wherever you are, using your smartphone, be it on the train or bus, library, coffee shop/ restaurant, or even while in a line in a supermarket, or at a family event, discreetly yet effectively..
Group setquestions

The www interface ( helps you manage question-and-answer sets in your free profile. It allows you to share the sets you have created with your friends/colleagues/students or receive sets from someone else.

There are 2 learning/revising modes at your disposal:
- Continuous mode: the app asks you questions without stopping, while taking into consideration which questions pose more challenge/difficulty for you.

- Scheduled mode: this uses a scientifically researched and proven method known as spaced repetition, which helps you memorise more permanently.

It is also possible to print out the question-and-answer set in the form of a list for traditional revision, last minute sharing and so on. You can also generate a PDF file in the mobile application containing the question-and-answer list and send it from the app to any email address.

Two versions of the app are available:
"Memo+ Lite" limits you to creating up to 100 question-and-answer cards (1 group of sets with up to 5 card sets containing max 20 question-and-answer cards), it does not connect with the server application.

"Memo+" is a full version containing all the options, along with the free web profile at:

Coming soon: add-a-picture-option, revise-by-typing-in mode (particulary useful when revising foreign vocabulary), the Android version.

All critical input as well as ideas for enhancing the system are warmly welcome at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .