Memo+ update v.1.30

1.30 Memo+ version introduces a new revision strategy, a countdown test. Oftentimes, as you revise for an examination you are aware that your answering time will be strictly limited, and you will need to deliver your answers fast due to the scope of the exam and the time available. This mode is aimed at simulating such circumstances and giving you the chance to practice your ability to deliver. Each question card has a defined answer time. When you are given a question, the app counts down the assigned time, waiting for you to answer. If the user does not fit into this time limit, another question is asked automatically. The statistics on the entire last test taken are visible in the card set details. The answer time may be changed and set individually for each question (in case some questions need longer answering time than others). The countdown mode is more demanding and more motivating in terms of results.

Due to the minimal interest taken in the server profiles option we have decided to give it up in the 1.30 version, especially since the set import via Dropbox has been enjoying much more popularity.