Memo+ update v.1.13

An update of Memo+ has just been released in AppStore. The major functionality has been added:Dropbox

  • the possibility to transfer a whole question card set from one group to another
  • integration of Memo+ with Dropbox for importing a question list in the form of a CSV file to the application

Additionally, some minor changes enhancing the usability of some functions have been implemented.

The function of transferring a set form one group to another is now available in two places: on the set list after you have entered the "Edition" mode (by clicking the "Edition" button in the top right corner) and then selecting one or more sets to be transferred. The other location is a button on the screen presenting set details (click "Disclosure" button).
The function integrating Memo+ with Dropbox allows you to download any content stored in any table-like editor into Memo+. We aimed at Excel tables, however, due to some Excel constraints concerning the saving of a CSF file coded with UTF-8, Google Docs SpreadSheet proved a better tool for it.
The instruction goes as follows:

Creaate content is SpreadSheet (you can paste it form excel or some other program). The content consists of 2 columns, one of which contains questions, and the second the answer (make sure to keep this order).
Select "File"/"Download as  Comma separated values (.csv)" and save the file in Dropbox:/Apps/MemoPlus folder
In Memo+ select the import option "CSV from Dropbox", select from the list the CSV file you have just saved, and it will be downloaded in the form of question/answer cards to the current set.

NOTE: Memo+ requires "Comma Seperated Values" (CSV) file, which is a text file where one line contains the question and the answer separated by a comma (not by a semicolon which is the Excel standard). The File must be UTF-8 encoded. As long as these requirements are met, such file can be obtained in various editors, however, the SpreadSheet Google Docs. seems the simplest and, at the same time, a well- tested tool for this.