Memo+ update v.1.18

Several enhancements have been introduced in version 1.18 today. Most of them are available in full version of Memo+.

First of all, they include the option to export a question set to a CSV file to a Dropbox folder. This allows the user to make a backup copy of their own sets. The export does not include the learning results. In effect, the exported file may be shared with other users. The option is available in the bottom toolbox on the question cards' list as well as in the details of a question set.

Another change is the introduced preview of the content of given question and answer cards, which may be scrolled upwards and downwards. As a result the user is equipped with a new, convenient way of viewing questions and answers, revising and learning. To use this option, pick any question card from the card list and scroll it upwards or downwards to view the previous and the following cards.

It is also possible now to switch lists to the edit mode, by holding your finger for a longer time on the selected item. This feature is related to all 3 levels: groups list, question sets list and question cards list.

Also, you can change the font size in the exported PDF file, allowing you to control the number of questions and answers which can fit into one page of a generated PDF file. This option is available in the full Memo+ version in the "settings" screen.

A whole range of changes related to the profile registration on server has been added. From now on the server profile and its synchronization are optional. A created profile may be disconnected to switch off the synchronization with the server or even delete the profile form the server entirely. On the other hand, a user is now able to to create up to 5 profiles on the server and switching from one to another. The access to the options for logging in to the existing profiles, disconnecting from the profiles on the server, creating new profiles and editing data in a given profile is possible form the application's "settings" screen.